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Emails outside the EU 16th June, 2010

Receiving unwanted emails from a company outside the European Union is a common problem for people in the UK, but regrettably one that is outside the jurisdiction of the Direct Marketing Commission as we can only focus on companies in the UK who create these types of communication.  When people trade with UK companies they have the protection of UK law and the self-regulatory frameworks our industry imposes.  However, if people take part in discussions with companies who are based abroad then different rules apply.

Across Europe there are similar types of laws and self regulatory groups in each country, so if the company you notified us was in Europe but outside the UK we would refer you to the right organisation. 

Here are some tips on how you can safeguard your data:

  •  Consider who you give your email address to, and the permissions that you give to be contacted.
  •  Remember that there is little protection when you buy or trade with companies outside the EU.
  •  Here in the UK, companies who are members of the DMA also agree to an additional industry Code of Practice that goes beyond the minimal legal requirements – look out for the DMA member’s logo on their website and in their sales literature as a way of knowing you have the additional guarantee.
  •  When you are on the internet, remember to be streetwise about the organisations you interact with.  If you do encounter problems with UK based companies then there is a great deal of consumer protection in place.  You can use our website to see which organisations are the right ones to contact, and we will be pleased to help with issues related to direct mail, personal telephone calls, emails and other forms of direct marketing communication.
  •  Find out more about how we can help on our complaints page on this site.

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