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Complaints Form

Complaints Form

Fill in the following form to submit your complaint. Please read the instructions carefully and take time to ensure that you provide us with all the information we need to process your complaint efficiently.

If you’d like to contact us in another way please visit the Contact Us page

First of all, please tell us if your message relates to:

Is your complaint related to a member of the Direct Marketing Association?

Please tell us the details of the company you are complaining about:

Have you complained about this company before?

If Yes, did you complain to the Direct Marketing Commission (formerly Direct Marketing Authority). If no, which body did you complain to?

Do you wish to attach any documents or correspondence? (2Mb maximum)

Please note that any correspondence sent to the DMC will be forwarded to the company complained about.

Please check your entries carefully. When you are happy that everything is correct, please click the SUBMIT button below to formally register your complaint with us.

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