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New GDPR rules set the tone for consumers

29th May, 2018 at 10:14am

The Commission welcomes new GDPR rules which came into force on 25th May, and which put the consumer firmly in the driving seat.  With the new law in place, individuals have more control over how their data is used, shared and stored and businesses must be accountable and transparent in the way they handle data.   The principles of the DMA’s Industry Code to put your customer first, respect privacy, to be fair and transparent, exercise diligence and to take responsibility are very much reflected in the new legislation. It will be business as usual for the Commission’s investigations, which are set against those principles in the Code, with the advantage that they are now supported by a higher legal standard.  Further details on GDPR can be found on the DMA website at

George Kidd, Chief Commissioner said:

“Its eye-opening how many different organisations are contacting us about the continued use of personal data: eye-opening in terms of how often and, perhaps, how casually we share data, consciously or otherwise.

I hope this new awareness – and who’d ever have thought data privacy would be a hot topic of conversation – is great news. It makes businesses, charities and data professionals think hard and creatively about how to explain the consents they seek to take and use data and about how this might benefit us as we get these requests. 

GDPR should not be about bringing the shutters down on use of data but opening the blinds to let us see when and how this can happen and how it can benefit us as customers, and citizens.”