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Direct Marketing Commission - Enforcing Higher Industry Standards

DMC launches investigation into two companies

1st April, 2015 at 12:11pm

The Direct Marketing Commission is formally investigating two companies following allegations in the Daily Mail that personal data was shared inappropriately and without the consent of users.

The two companies are:

  • B2C Data Ltd, based in Milton Keynes
  • Data Bubble, based in Bradford

DMC Chief Commissioner George Kidd said:

“The allegations in the Daily Mail are serious.  People must be able to trust those with whom they share their data.  We will look carefully at the roles and conduct of these two companies and advise the DMA on our findings quickly.”

The DMC will determine whether either company has breached the DMA Code. All companies that are members of the DMA are expected to follow both the spirit and the letter of the DMA Code.