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Reactiv Media fined £50,000

30th July, 2014 at 09:13am

The Information Commissioner’s Office has served digital marketing company Reactiv Media Limited with a £50,000 fine after an investigation discovered they had made unsolicited marketing calls to people registered with the Telephone Preference Service.  Reactiv Media was a member of the DMA until April this year and was subject to the industry’s self-regulatory Code of Practice.  The DMC had previously found Reactiv Media in breach of key rules in relation to privacy and telemarketing.  The company, unlike other members of the Association, seemed disinterested in working with us to improve their practice.  In March 2014 we recommended to the DMA that they were removed from membership and we reported our findings on this and other cases to the ICO early June.  The case shows why self and statutory regulation needs to work hand in hand, with the DMC stepping in on this and other cases to push for change and compliance, and with the ICO present to deal strategically with those who sadly seem intent on not playing by the rules – or the law.

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