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There is value in virtue – do your homework when using data lists

2nd July, 2012 at 10:09am

The issue of the supplier/client relationship is a recurring theme in the Commission’s caseload. We regularly receive complaints from businesses who have ordered data from a supplier and found, having undertaken their direct marketing campaign, that the data sold was inaccurate, out of date, or did not match their criteria for a specific target market.

We also see complaints from people unhappy at being contacted by companies for marketing purposes. The contact may have been made ‘in good faith’ by companies who did not make the necessary checks on their suppliers to ensure that the people targeted had either opted in or opted out to receive that marketing contact.

We think it is important everyone involved in supplying and using data should do their homework – ensuring the information they are using is current, accurate,  in line with what was ordered and that the data takes proper account of the preferences of the public – in terms of opting into or out of marketing.

George Kidd, Chief Commissioner says: “Companies should have sufficient mechanisms  in place to test the data provided and validate the source and freshness of the data offered by their suppliers before they then use that data or sell it on to others. If companies do this, they can be confident of the data they trade and of complying with the DMA Code and regulations.

We welcome the attention this issue gets from the DMA and the valuable guidance the DMA makes available to members.

We believe there is “value in virtue”: marketing that reflects people’s preferences, matches people’s expectations and interests and is up to date and accurate is going to achieve higher response and conversation rates.”

Compliance is good for business as well as the soul!!