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What sanctions can the Data & Marketing Commission impose?

15th August, 2008 at 04:00am


If a complaint is upheld following adjudication, the DMC has a range of sanctions that it will apply proportionately, depending on the seriousness of the issue or complaint.

These include:

• A formal recommendation to the DMA

• A formal visit to the member by the DMA

• A formal undertaking from the member to comply with the standards set out in the Code

• An undertaking by the member to carry out specific changes in processes, procedures, management or other arrangements to ensure an end to the problem

The DMC may make a recommendation to the DMA that a member be suspended from DMA membership or have their membership cancelled in cases where the DMC thinks this is necessary and proportionate.

The DMC may refer a member to relevant law enforcement and consumer protection bodies when this appears necessary.

The DMC may make its adjudications and files available to these bodies as required.