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Reactiv Media (‘Consumer Helpline’) – complaints about direct marketing

March 2014

An adjudication against Reactiv Media in October 2013, described concerns which had been raised by TPS registered consumers in relation to calls about PPI received from Reactiv Media, who were describing themselves as ‘a Consumer Helpline’.   The Commission formally reprimanded the company and reminded it of its obligations under the Direct Marketing Code, and asked Reactive Media to review arrangements and provide a full report of actions taken to achieve compliance as a result of the investigation together with information on the handling of any future TPS complaints.  This report was expected in January 2013.  The Commissioners also asked that Reactiv Media meet with the DMA compliance team to ensure future compliance.

Despite repeated reminders and further letters, Reactiv Media did not confirm that they would comply with the Commission’s sanction and the company has not submitted any report or statement of actions to secure compliance. The Commission has continued to receive complaints and had limited responses from the company.  In a final letter to the company, the Commission stated that if no response was received, it would recommend to the DMA that their membership of the Association is terminated.  No response was received and no appeal has been lodged. Accordingly, and in light of the serious Code breaches found and the many complaints identified the Commission have  issued a recommendation to the DMA that Reactiv Media’s membership of the Association is terminated.