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BT – complaint about direct marketing

April 20th 2010

This complaint from a consumer related to unwanted marketing mailings received.  BT had suppressed the consumer’s details when she first complained.  However, the consumer then received a second unwanted mailing due to a timing issue in that the direct marketing received was the output made two days previously to her being added to the suppression list.  A third mailing had then been received which was the result of an external data mismatch.   The Board noted that BT had agreed to review their external data process and make improvements to ensure this type of issue did not occur.  Should this type of complaint against BT become more prevalent we would further investigate their procedures.  BT were, however, formally reminded of their obligations under the Code to suppress, as soon as possible, a recipient’s data from their marketing database should that customer request not to receive any further commercial communications. Reminder of obligations under the Code.

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