Direct Marketing Commission - Enforcing Higher Industry Standards

Data & Marketing Commission | Enforcing Higher Industry Standards

VACANCY – Board Observer

5th January, 2021 at 13:11pm

Board Observer

Location: London

Approximately 7-10 days pa.

Closing Date: end February 2021

The Data & Marketing Commission (DMC) is an independent body which oversees and enforces the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) Code.  The Code and DMC are there to give effective protection to recipients, users and practitioners of the data driven marketing sector. It aims to ensure companies observe the highest standards of integrity and trade fairly with their customers and with each other. This is achieved by investigating complaints and identifying trends in data driven marketing that might raise issues for consumers and the sector.

As the DMC’s remit is changing, so too is the Data and Marketing landscape. Technology and technological advances are, if anything, speeding up; the collection and use of personal data has never been more important to get right and the regulations and best practice guidelines that marketers must follow is increasingly complex.

It is against this backdrop that the DMC wants to ensure that it not only keeps pace with change but further that we facilitate the development of potential Commissioners of the future. 

The DMC is looking for a Board Observer to contribute thoughtful input at DMC Board meetings and allocate time to reviewing and providing considered feedback on DMC materials including commenting on any emerging issues. This role would not entail any voting rights or decision-making function.  There would be around five Board meetings per year alongside any ad hoc pre-arranged meetings.

The candidate should be on a career trajectory which may be relevant to this role and have around 3-5 years experience in a junior management role. Relevant experience may include marketing, data protection and privacy, regulatory work, legal work.  It would be helpful if the candidate has some understanding of regulatory principles, process and practice or law.

This role is for 18 months and is unpaid.  Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

A full Job Description is available on request.

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